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Expect the unexpected … the future of your business is on the line

Public Liability Insurance (also known as Broadform Liability Insurance) is specifically designed to cover your business if it is found to be negligent in causing personal injury to your customers or members of the public interacting with your business; or if you cause damage to the property of others during the course of your normal business operations.

Accidents happen but business failure is avoidable …

Liability is your legal responsibility, duty or obligation to compensate a person for the harm you have caused by breaching your legal duties to that person; and Liability Insurance is your protection against having to directly bear the cost of legal claims against you.

When the unexpected happens, blaming others is not the solution …

Common customer accidents include tripping or falling down steps; and despite your care or concern, a court may determine you are responsible for a customer’s injury sustained while interacting with your business.  Apart from the prospect of having to pay damages, the legal process itself may well impose a financial burden on your business that is impossible to recover … even if you win … unless you have Public Liability Insurance.

If your business or professional practice requires your customers, clients or members of the public to visit your business (or home from where you conduct business), or if you visit their premises, you must consider Public Liability Insurance for your protection.

Claims of professional negligence can also be brought against your business, particularly if you are a Professional.  These might include a claim that you were negligent in providing a professional service or did not deliver it as promised; or your services contributed to the failure of someone else’s business or even lead to a claim on that business; and so on.

Even professionals aren’t perfect …

Regardless of your assessment of the merit of any claims against you, Professional Indemnity Insurance is designed to pay your legal costs in defending your business against such claims. Your policy also contributes (up to the policy limits) to any financial settlement imposed by a court upon your business as compensation to the suing party.

With the right insurance, you are covered; but without Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance specifically covering your business and its activities, you are on your own.

Take care if you run a home-based business …

While your Home & Contents Insurance policy may include cover for Public Liability, it is generally designed for home owners or occupiers as a safeguard against personal injury to tradespeople and others providing home services around the house. Your home policy may well get you off the hook when your dog bites the postman, but what if the dog bites your best client? Catastrophe!unless the Public Liability cover is specific to your business.

For a small business, Public Liability Insurance is your protection against the unexpected for as little as $1 per day. It is a simple, tax-deductible solution; but it is business specific, so you need to talk to us so that we can provide the right solution for your business needs.

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Other Business Insurance Products

Business sustainability requires risk protection – protecting the profitability of your business against the unexpected. However, many business operators are unsure just what insurance they need – and that’s where we come in.

Although we have focused above on the cover that Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance provides, you should not ignore the protection afforded by many other forms of insurance that could well be critical to the ongoing protection of your business.

Strategy and risk go hand in hand. A business without strategy is rudderless and a business without insurance could well be headed for the rocks!

How will you know what insurance are relevant to your business? Talk to us. Our friendly and experienced consultants can help assess your requirements, and advise on the right level of insurance for the right price for your business.

Other insurance products potentially relevant to your business

Property Insurance provides cover for damage to your property resulting from a broad range of events such as fire, lightning, water and wind damage, impact, explosion, earthquake, riots and strikes, vandalism and accidental damage. It can also include specific cover for Glass and Tools of Trade. If the damage is catastrophic, Business Interruption insurance may be critical to your survival as may cover for Electronic Equipment and Machinery Breakdown. There are also insurances to cover Product Liability, Product Recalls, Industrial Special Risks, and other vital business issues specific to your industry.

Money Insurance provides cover for loss or damage to money belonging to you. Burglary and Theft insurances provides cover against theft of your property arising from forcible and violent entry to your premises and Employee Fraud insurance extends cover to an ‘inside job’! There is even insurance to cover a Taxation Audit and you should also consider Directors’ and Officers’ Liability and Management Liability insurance.

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