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Does your health fund:

  • Discount your health premiums?
  • Offer you the ability to top-up the benefits that you use most?
  • Pay your health premiums if you are made redundant?
  • Provide a free 24/7 Interactive Health Management system?
  • Offer free Preventative Dental services?
  • Include Cardiac services with every hospital cover?
  • Offer a free Health Insurance Advisory service?

If you said ‘NO’ to any of these questions, you need to speak to HCF Corporate on 1800 622 559. Together with API they have developed the health insurance solution that suits you.

Why pay for benefits that you won’t use at your current stage of life (eg. pregnancy for over 55s; or cataracts, and hip and knee replacements for under 30s)?

In conjunction with HCF Corporate, API Insurance Services has provided thousands of members with simple, user-friendly health insurance solutions designed specifically for your various stages of life. As your insurance advocate, API – along with HCF Corporate – endeavours to provide appropriate levels of health cover to enable you to get real value from your health insurance. What other health fund would develop products and benefits that encourage you to claim?

They say that health is true wealth so it makes sense to protect your greatest asset by ensuring you have the right level of private health cover – for you and your family.

When did you last check your health insurance policy?

Does it really offer you the protection you need? And does it represent true value in terms of the right cover for you and your family’s needs?

It costs nothing to compare

API and our health insurance partner HCF Corporate offer a range of policies for you and your family, so call the obligation-free advisory service on 1800 622 559, email or click on the link below.

Want more from your chosen Health Insurance partner? Simply call us to learn how. There are no penalties when changing health funds and we will manage the entire process for you!

It’s all about peace of mind – and freedom of choice.

With API and HCF Corporate, you can select your hospital of choice, your own doctor and your preferred provider of ancillary benefits such as dental, optical, physio and more … whether at home or travelling around Australia.

If you need treatment, your private health cover will safeguard you and your family against the high costs and lengthy waiting lists often encountered in the public system – and get you back on the road to recovery faster. And there’s no waiting period on pre-existing health

conditions if you have met these conditions with your current fund.

Has your parent cover run out?

As a parent, it’s worth bearing in mind that after your dependent child’s 22nd birthday they are no longer covered under your health insurance policy (full time dependent students aged 22 and over but less than 25), so why not encourage them to take out their own policy specifically tailored to their earlier stage of life. And if you don’t take out private health insurance by 1 July immediately following your 31st birthday, you may have to pay an additional loading on your premiums for life – you simply can’t afford to delay, so call us NOW!

Are you paying too much tax?

If you are single and earning more than $84,000 (or as a couple/family your combined taxable income is greater than $168,000) and don’t have health insurance you are likely to be paying additional tax, so why not ask us how to assist you reduce your taxation liability.

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