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There’s no place like home – it’s where we store our memories as much as our possessions.

At API Insurance Services we understand the importance of the right insurance at the right price so that you don’t pay too much. Importantly, we also help you ensure that your home and your contents are properly protected should your dreams be shattered by the unexpected.

Establishing the value of your home and contents for insurance purposes can be daunting. Forms to fill out, confusing questions, complex calculations, and ongoing uncertainty about whether you have too much or too little insurance.

Wouldn’t it be easier just describing your home to someone who cares – an experienced and friendly consultant who can help you through the process and offer you handy tips along the way? Our consultants will take the time to ensure that you have just the right amount of insurance and that you are completely happy with your choice of insurance.

So why not give us a call? With no telephone options to navigate or frustrating queues to hold you back, it’s worth asking for an obligation free quote on your Home and Contents insurance. And don’t forget to enquire about our interest-free monthly payments … you can even pay by credit card if you wish (at no extra cost).

We really look forward to helping you.

Our service and advice is just the beginning …

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