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Your home is your castle, but if it’s being rented, there’s no guarantee it’s being respected that way. And then there’s the lease, bond and a range other issues to consider to protect your valuable asset.

So how do you know that you have the right insurance cover at the right price?

Just as it can be difficult to establish the value of your own home for insurance purposes, so too it’s important to get it right with your investment in bricks and mortar.

We can help you through the myriad of questions that are necessary to establish the value of your investment property for insurance purposes. Just describe it to us and we will do the calculations to help you through the valuation to ensure that you have just the right amount of insurance and that you are completely happy with your choice of insurance.

So give us a call … there are no annoying telephone prompts or queues to contend with, and one of our friendly and experienced consultants will provide you with an obligation-free quote after talking you through the options. And there’s more – how about our interest-free monthly payments? You can even pay by credit card if you wish (at no extra cost).

Our service and advice is just the beginning …

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