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At API Insurance Services, we understand that there is more to insurance than just ensuring you have in place the right insurance at the right price.  Should your dreams be shattered by the unexpected, we are there for you to assist with your insurance claim.

Our staff also recognise that your claim is not simply the start and finish of your trauma and inconvenience. So we have teamed up with a number of suppliers to help you through the process of repairing or replacing your treasured possessions and returning to normality – with the minimum of fuss and often at special prices that we have negotiated on your behalf.

For example, should you car be off the road for repairs you may need to rent; and if it is beyond repair then you are likely to be faced with the need to purchase a replacement. Our relationships with Hertz and Europcar, and with Car Search Brokers Australia will minimise the cost and the trauma – and you even can turn to them in more favourable times such as renting a car on holiday, and finding your dream car without having to run the gauntlet of a multitude of eager car salesmen.

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